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Heshan specialty store Jul 21, 2023

Meilinhui heshan store | offers an up-close model of beauty

Video Introduction

The newspecialty store of Meilinhui was successfully completed, located in Heshan, Jiangmen city, with a new upgrade of more than 500 square meters. 17 years of professional precipitation and elaborate, just to show the quality of life is beautiful and calm.

On the whole, the designer makes full use of the advantages of square and regular space, reasonably arranges and divides different sample areas, which not only takes into account the real application effect of Meilin Hui products, but also forms a good visiting line.

The background wall of the living room mainly uses contemporary popular stone grain with wood color texture, while embellishing the three-dimensional shape of the Great Wall plate, as the eye-catching point in the space decoration, calm and generous.

The children's room is not only a treasure private place for children's daily play, study and rest, but also contains all the memories of growth and dreams.
Therefore, color and graphics are the initial password of their perception of the world, and warm and bright colors have become the first choice for the space background wall in the design of the children's room of Meilinhui.

Meilinhui insists on the control of product quality, providing good protection for healthy and environmentally friendly home, so that customers who choose Meilinhui have a quality life.

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