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LANDISON is a hotel with a design area of approximately 16,500 square meters, encompassing guest areas, logistics areas, a grand reception, banquet halls, multipurpose halls, Chinese private dining rooms, VIP reception rooms, and hotel rooms. The overall design style of the hotel is minimalist and atmospheric, with vibrant colors and sleek forms, catering to the aesthetic preferences of young consumers.

Gooday brings together exquisite living spaces and lifestyles, offering each guest a brand-new social and leisure environment.



The designers have seamlessly blended convenience with high-quality design, creating a unique and harmonious aesthetic in the space. By maximizing the use of space, they have minimized any sense of constraint for guests. Here, amidst the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, we can find tranquility and serenity, experiencing the true essence of a peaceful and serene existence.

Lobby with wall panel 1

Lobby with wall panel 2


Gooday, a renowned provider of wall panels, offers a captivating dining experience. With our commitment to preserving the natural aesthetics, our wall panels blend harmoniously with the dining space, complemented by soft fabrics and rich-colored flooring. Step into our restaurant and indulge in a clean and organized ambiance. We take pride in serving you the most authentic local delicacies, with a wide variety of dishes to choose from. The customized designs of Gooday's wall panels add a touch of simplicity and elegance, creating an atmosphere that is both down-to-earth and sophisticated. Experience dining at its finest in Gooday.

Restaurant with wall panel 1

Restaurant with wall panel 2

Banquet Hall

The pure white with a touch of beige tones elevates the entire space, making it appear more spacious and immaculate. This shade of white, in harmony with the lighting and layout, doesn't render the space monotonous or cold; instead, it exudes a hint of liveliness, brought to life by the interplay of light. In such an environment, one's heart seems to soften, surrendering to the fluidity of this space.

Banquet Hall with wall panel 1

Banquet Hall with wall panel 2

Guest Rooms

The combination of wood grain and neutral background wall colors imparts a comfortable and gentle spatial experience indoors. When it comes to personal spaces, the interplay between lighting fixtures, spatial textures, and ambiance is used to create a cozy living environment, ensuring that every little detail provides guests with a sense of warmth akin to being at home.

Guest Rooms with wall panel 1

Guest Rooms with wall panel 2

Guest Rooms with wall panel 3

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